Valentines Day Message

February 9, 2016 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

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A REAL LIFE look at sex, love, marriage, singleness, culture, family and YOU! It's going to get REAL and HONEST. Yes, we will have a very frank discussion of these subjects, and this will not be for the light in heart. and YOU are all gifts from our Creator, when we choose to experience them as God designed they all bring powerful transformation in our lives, and give us a sense of divine purpose, they also enable us to truly live life to the fullest. When we choose to experience them without God and outside His grand design each of these gifts becomes a burden and often brings destruction in our lives and the lives of others, including society at large.

So, your choice, you can either just keep doing it the way our culture, our families and our friends advise, or we can see what the GRAND DESIGNER has in mind concerning sex, love, marriage, singleness, family and YOU! Join the discussion, live the life, experience the journey!

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