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Worship, Tech and Setup Teams

These teams are the backbone to the Matt's House Church, we have playfully been called a church in a box. We setup at Hollywood movie theater off east drive every Sunday morning. Our volunteer team gets there at 8 am setups, gets ready for the rest of the congregation and when we are finished they all help tear down and put it back in our trailer.

Check out our Worship Team here!

Check out our Tech Team here and setup team here!

Community Connection Team

The Connection Team, as we like to call it, is responsible for connecting with the community. We are not an isolated community of people, but part of a greater whole: Arbutus, Halethorpe, Landsdowne, Catonsville and Elkridge. This team helps us discover and develop meaningful relationships with the surrounding community through planning and implementing serving opportunities, events, and building strategic relationships with like-minded partners that are part of the community. So, if you love to find ways to help people or have a knack for planning this team is your ticket.

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Prayer Team

Prayer is critical! Without God NOTHING GOOD happens! So we are very intentional about prayer. Currently we meet for prayer twice a week, Gathering Prayer on Sunday’s at the Hollywood Theater starting at 9:45AM and Tuesday Prayer at the Connection Center on Tuesday’s at 1:00PM. Prayer First is held on the First Saturday of every month from 6:00-7:30PM at the Connection Center. EVERYONE IS INVITED!

Wanna become a prayer warrior? Check out our team! Or just show up!

Youth Ministries Team


There are many areas in which YOU can help with the youth from direct ministry to praying for all involved.  We need people who have a passion for young people! On Fridays we are looking for people who may have a special skill to deminstrate, for example Martial Arts instructors, Craft/Scrap Booking, General school help, and more.  If you can think of a way to get involved we welcome you to our team.

Ready to make a change in a young persons life? Check out our page!

Recovery Team

Check out our Recovery Team leaders here!