Care Resources

Hospital/Grief/Crisis Counseling

Jesse Gary/Dan Hiett/Bill Pringle

This team consists of our Lead Team (Elders) and pastors. If you have an emergency and need someone to walk with you through it, WE WANT TO BE THERE FOR YOU! We will go anywhere, do most anything we can to support YOU in your time of need! If you need us at the hospital, grave side, bedside, while grieving, or in a crisis WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

Pastoral Counseling (Individual, Couples, Marriage, etc.)

Rob Benson and Allison Benson

This is a FREE resource that we provide for those seeking more intensive help. My wife, Allison, and I can meet and walk with individuals, couples, those seeking pre-marital counseling and a host of other types of struggles. Often the burden gets to heavy, and God wants to use others to help lighten the load, that’s why we are here. Please realize this is a NO SHAME or GUILT ZONE! We are here to do life with you.

Contact Information:

Rob Benson
Phone 443-226-8105

Allison Benson
Phone 443-621-4901

No Person Left Behind

We meet at the Community Connection & Resource Center and reach out to the people of our community who need help. We help with case management: finding shelter, food, recovery services, and other resources.

Safe Harbor: Christian Counseling

We are working in partnership with Safe Harbor to provide the community with affordable counseling services. They take many forms of insurance including medical assistance. Also working with sliding scale.

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Contact Information:

Phone: 443-297-7625

Licensed Counseling

Cindy Delaney, LCSW-C
• Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical
• Faith-Based Psychotherapy
• Individual Adult and Trauma

Contact Information:

Phone: 301-641-9903

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Recovery LTG

Jesse Gary is the LTG facilitator for this vital group resource. Healing and Restoration work within a community of individuals who are all struggling one way or another is a powerful tool that can help you walk through tough times! A safe zone with NO SHAME or GUILT creates an opportunity to learn and practice a better way to do life. Whatever your struggle or addiction or hang up is WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

• Monthly Format (Open Sharing Format)
• Weekly - Prayer Before Meeting @ 7:00 PM
• Week One - Digging Into Step (Power Point, Workbook, Experience, Strengths,
• Week Two - Investigating How Scripture Relates to Step
• Week Three - Investigate How Scripture Relates to Step
• Week Four- Workbook, “The Twelve Steps a Spiritual Journey,” RPI Publishing,
Inc. 2012.
• Week Five - Fellowship/Speaker/Topical/Anniversary/Prayer

Contact Information:

Jesse Gary
Phone: 410-300-9183

Depression LTG

Judy Phillips

This group meets to walk with those who just feel down on life. Sometimes the burdens in our day to day existence just weigh to much and we need a place to share the struggle, with a community of people that can connect to our struggle because they are struggling. This group support meeting, facilitated by Judy Phillips a trained and highly experienced social worker, will help you uncover the underlying issues that are troubling you and find a way out. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about, get the help you need knowing your heart will be cherished and protected.

Day: Tuesdays (Bi-Monthly), starting in September
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Connection Center 5406 East Drive, Arbutus, Maryland 21227
LTG Facilitator: Judy Phillips
Phone: 410-206-4722

Prayer Team

Timothy Bellis

This is one way that we can support you in the ups and downs of life! We have a team of individuals who are passionate about caring for people through prayer. The utmost care will be taken to ensure confidentiality of any and all the needs you share, know that your concerns are safe with us. This team meets before Sunday Gatherings, on Wednesdays and the first Saturday of every month.

Contact Information:

Team Lead: Timothy Bellis
Phone: 410-788-2991