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Christ Is Greater!

Posted onNovember 20, 2015 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

As we explore this Letter of Paul’s to the Colossians lets not forget the back drop, that Following Jesus and sharing the Gospel just might cost you everything, even your life. The times were serious, the church in Colossae was being attacked from within, a group called the Gnostics were bringing a New Gospel, fundamentally different from Christ’s Gospel. The Gnostic Gospel focused preached a new, but old way to salvation; a salvation NOT through Faith in Christ, but a salvation obtained through acquiring special knowledge, and the practice of superstitious rituals, and astrology and angelology; this salvation was a mystical and magical experience to become a “Gnostic” or a “knowing one.” They believed the material world, including the flesh was evil, and therefore, attacking Christ’s Incarnation and his Deity, Christ could not be both God and Man, because the two could never co-exist. Paul as a counter, to their teachings/philosophies challenges the Colossians to remember the Gospel of Christ that originally won their hearts, minds and souls...The Real Gospel...evidenced by the changed lives of the Colossians!...Keep Reading