Life Together Groups


Women's Life

This is a group for WOMEN ONLY! It’s a safe place to be YOU! And to get to know other women, their lives, their struggles, their triumphs and to join one another in this journey called life.

J-Walkers Life Together

The J-Walkers is a Life Together group of individuals looking to get some exercise and eat a little healthier.  There is a facebook group filled with encouragement and recipes!


Civil War Life Together

A LifeTogether Group that helps us re-connect to the past through re-enacting, but also to remember the sacrifices of Americans that lived and died for the freedoms we enjoy today. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy camping with friends and family, learn a little history and experience what its like to fire a mountain howitzer as part of gun crew, fall in with an infantry unit: load…ready…aim…fire your enfield rifle or just lose yourself in an era where chivalry, honor, valor and duty were common place.

Recovery Life Together

Almost everyone in this world finds out either sooner or later that they’ve been hurt or broken. What we don’t realize, at least right off, is that this brokenness gets in the way of us experiencing the life we’ve always dreamed of. Our relationships don’t seem to be fulfilling, our careers don’t give us satisfaction and who we thought we were seems out of reach. This IS NOT just for alcoholics and drug addicts, RECOVERY the central point of the Gospel of Christ, it is about Christ bringing healing and restoration to our brokenness. A mature spirituality is not the apprehension of information, but the healing of emotional brokenness by practicing the Presence and Power of Christ.

Bible Studies

We currently have 2 Bible Study groups running weekly.

   The Exodus - Every Monday night ay 7:30 PM

   Ephesians - Every Tuesday night ay 7:30 PM

Depression Group

The subject or more to the point, the very REAL battle with depression goes often unchecked within the walls of the church. Why? Maybe, because somehow if we know enough, are spiritual enough, or can muster enough faith depression and its slipperiness will somehow slide right by us church folk. Well, that is a bag of spiritual bull! Depression is real, it digs in deep and if it goes ignored, or minimized it always drags its prey down…down to despair, down to hopelessness, and finally down to the grave. This group meets to do battle with depression at group meetings directed by a licensed social worker.