Care, Connection, and Prayer Teams

The Care, Connection and Prayer Teams that serve at Matt’s House Church are charged with the highest of callings! To demonstrate, day in and day out, the love of Christ by deeply caring for the people of Matt’s House Church, the community God Himself has called us to walk with and sacrifice for! This all, not out of our strength, power or ability, but because of and in Christ alone! We love God, because He first loved us. We love others, because He loves others. We serve others, because Christ first served us!

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Care Team

The Care Team is absolutely essential to the health of our church, our community and the work of the Gospel in reaching those who desperately need to know God’s love and power to heal and transform lives. This team is tasked with the soul care of all we serve. If you have the heart of a shepherd, then this team is your home.

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Connection Team

The Connection Team, formerly known as the ServeFirst Team, is mission critical to helping build a cohesive, tight knit community within Matt’s House Church and to serving the lost and the hurting that often go ignored and uncared for on the streets, behind the doors of our community. This Team is all about skin on skin, face to face connection…a connection that demonstrates tangibly the love of God through its action. If you live to fight on the front lines, where darkness seeks to extinguish light, then get your serve on with the Connection Team.

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The Prayer Team the most unsung team of all, its work often goes unnoticed and sadly forgotten! But nonetheless, it is also mission critical, these players are those few individuals who know that without God’s power at work nothing changes, nothing is accomplished, nothing that is done matters. So, this team prays for individuals, the broken hearted, the forgotten, the darkness to lift and be pushed back in lives and in our community. If you don’t mind going unnoticed, and live to fight behind enemy lines, then this team has your name written all over it.

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