Worship, Tech, and Setup Teams

Worship Team

This team plays a vital role in reaching people right where it counts the heart! If you play an instrument, dance, paint, draw, etc. this team is for you. You don't have to be accomplished, a professional or perfect to join this creative group of people. There is only one requirement your willingness to try it out! Check out our band "Beautiful Tragedy"!

Contact: Kerry Hiett: Kerry@mattshousechurch.org

Tech Team

The technical and support team is the backbone of all that we do at Matt's House. On the technical side of things we take care of sound, video, and lighting. Creatively we film, edit and produce various video pieces for use in sermons, promos and online. On the Support side we execute the set-up and tear-down for our weekly Worship Gatherings and all special events and activities. Check out our Technical and Support team members here!

Setup Team

This team works hard to help with the initial setup during our Sunday Gatherings, and spends the rest of the time building relationship with all who come. If you love to talk and relate to people this is the place for you. It's all about connecting with people, helping them feel comfortable and get plugged into what our Sunday Gatherings offer for infants, kids, teens and adults. Your diligence in helping them connect translates into showing each person that they are valued, accepted and cared for just as they are.

Contact: Dennis Knowles: Dennis@mattshousechurch.org