Encountering a stranger on the road who changes your life forever!

April 12, 2024 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

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Encountering a stranger on the road who changes your life forever! That's what two men discovered when they were headed to Emmaus, about 7 miles Northwest of Jerusalem.

These two men were perplexed, and discouraged; Jesus, the long awaited Jewish Messiah was executed on a Roman cross, taken down and buried with a stone sealing shut his grave. The life of One who was thought to be the promised deliverer from Roman oppression was snuffed out like a candle in the wind.  They'd heard reports from those close to Jesus that he'd risen from the dead, and the grave was found empty by some of the women closest to Jesus, even that angels delivered the message personally.

Dejected, they walked the 7 mile trek to Emmaus, when they encountered a stranger, Luke relates that for a period this strangers identity was hidden from the two dejected travelers.  But then, their eyes were opened when they sat down to break bread with them, and the believed!

They were so blowen away by this moment, that their lives took a turn, they became witnesses for Christ; trekking back to Jerusalem they excitedly brought their Christ encounter to the attention of Jesus' followers.  And again, found themselves face to face with the stranger that they'd encountered on the road.

A witnesses who testifies to their experienced reality, does that statement describe you?

How about you, have you truly believed?  The facts are over whelming, it's on you to believe or not!  (See Luke 24)

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