I Am He Who Searches Minds and Hearts!

February 2, 2024 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

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"I am He who searches Minds and Hearts!" Wow! What a bold, and cutting statement from the mouth of Christ to the churches. It's a wake up call directing us ALL to repentance.  The apostle John brings us ALL  word from Christ's lips to our minds and hearts from His letter to the church of Thyatira, in Asia Minor. (Revelation 2:18-29)

Though some us may bring God's love, live in faith, serve others, persevere through and even have greater works than we had at first; these do NOT amount to anything if we continue in rebellion, lusting after and indulging in sexual immorality according to God's TRUTH.

In a time when LGBTQ+ and transgender rights are being imposed on to all, not only by the activists, but also by our own governmen officials: local, state and federal; demanding we conform to their god of humanism, instead of bow down and worship the One True God who has outlined a MORE PURE morality, which guides all to wholeness, healing and blessing. 

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