God Isn't Into, "Fake It, Until You Make It."

February 10, 2024 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

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"Fake It Until You Make It!" I've heard so many folks share this seniment in the different circles I travel, almost like it was a mantra to encourage them on their life's journey, but is it sound advise?

In the first verses of Revelation Chapter 3, John has a massage for the church in Sardis, and it starts of on what seems to be a positive note, but it quickly turns into a "Wake Up" call.  Hey we all need wake up calls, I've had to many to count, and I am so grateful, looking back at those moments was God was busy prying my eyes open.

This is one of those moments.  How about you, are you facing a "Wake Up" call moment, a moment when Christ, Himself, is telling you He really sees you, naked, like you really are, un-masked, exposed...He's saying: "Son-daughter, STOP IT!  "Stop faking it, because your NOT making it!"  "It's time to get HONEST, REAL, will you?"

Join us this Sunday, and let's take to heart this message, let Christ expose our "Faking It, To Make It," and let Him lead us into His mercy, grace, forgiveness and power to just Live Real in every area of our lives, let's grow UP together, in Christ!


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