Alone, in the Fire-Storms of Life?

February 5, 2019 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

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The Fire-Storms of life happen, they are inevitable! How do you withstand them in a world where humanity is quickly, but surely losing its moorings: truth, character, dignity, morality and values no longer matter. "Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods... ," as a song from my youth once put it... In a world where it's all about "Me" we've lost the strength of community that aids in facing the Fire-Storms of daily life.  We've lost touch with the reality that we need someone greater than ourselves, "The street wise hercules," often only found in video games, marvel movies, grid-iron gladiators and books, are all figments of our collective imagination that point to the question.  Why do we crave a virtual or alternate reality world where we embody the spirit of non-existent beings to bring rescue, or in desperation seek out rescue from super human beings, god like beings?

Somehow, we all know their is more to our existence in the universe, in our world, that good and evil are real and there is a war.  

Somehow, at the core of who we are, we deeply desire to take a stand in this battle, to be who we were meant to be, to participate in a greater experience that is about more than just "Me."  

Somehow, deep down inside, we know there is something wrong with our world, there is something broken within our humanity.  We deeply long for a hero, someone who will enter in to our story, the story of broken humanity and who will stand with us in the Fire-Storms of life, who will inspire us to become hero's that stand for what is Right and Do what is Right at All Cost!

How about you, when lifes Fire-Storms, or brush fires are toasting your bunns, how do you respond.  Ignore, hit the snooze button, stick your head in a hole, strike out with vengence, appease and please your way out, do your foresake your morals, values and let your character take a back seat?


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