Not Willing, Not Worthy Jesus = Disruptor Are You Willing To Believe, For Real?


Matt’s House Church
Message: Letter To The Churches
Scripture: Revelation 1:9-20
August 13, 2023

Opening Reading: Revelation 1:1-8

As we work our way through the next few chapters of Revelation = GK-Apokalypsis (An Unveiling/A Disclosure), a prophetic word of both Warning & Hope remember: Under the heavy hand of the early Roman Empire Christians were severely persecuted, John, as a follower of Christ personally experienced this extreme suffering, a picture of Great Faith, an Obedient One! Nero, Domitian murdered thousands of Christ followers; Domitian, titled himself “Inus AcDeus Noster”= Our Lord and God.

Statement of Fact: We are living in a similar time!
Question: Will we be people of Great Faith, or will we shrink back in silence and fear?

Challenge Question: Are you inviting Jesus, right now, to DISRUPT your life?

Christ is Coming Back! This time, He comes as the Reigning King, and the Judge of ALL!

Bible (Revelation 1:9-20)
Reading: Revelation 1:9-10, 94AD
(vv.9a) Brother = With you in; Suffering (GK-Tribulation = Idea of trouble coming upon); Note: Suffering because of his commitment/obedience to Christ; Patmos = Island in Aegean Sea, between Asia Minor & Greece. Early church Fathers (Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Eusebius reported that John was sent as a prisoner because of his effective pastorate at Ephesus; Victorinus, first commentator of Revelation reports that John worked in the mines on Patmos, forced labor, as punishment. John, released by Emperor Nerva in A.D.96 after Domatian’s death, and returned to Ephesus.

vv.9b Word Of God = Prophecy, literal message given by God, from God
A Prophetic word, about things to come; Testimony of Jesus = for and about Jesus.

Reading: Revelation 1:12-16
vv.12-14. “Son of Man” = Christ, as pictured in Daniel 7:13, describes a priest, dressed in priestly robes, one of High Standing (Golden Sash). White Hair = Pictures the Ancient of Days, reference to God (OT); purity & eternal (Referenced in Daniel 7:9); Eyes = “Blazing Fire,” = Penetrating Judgement of Sin (Rev.2:18). Feet = “bronze glowing in a furnace,” = like bronze altar in temple relating to sacrifice for sins & divine judgement of God.

vv.16. Seven Stars = Angels/Messengers of God (vv.20): Held in hand = Authority/Possession of/Power over: Christ both Ruler/King & Judge. Sword = GK-Rhomphaia = Apparently, a sword used by Roman soldiers to thrust and kill!

Point: Christ isn’t the baby in the manger, he isn’t the man of suffering & sorrows, He returns as the MOST Glorious Conquering King & Judge of ALL humanity!

Reading: Revelation 1:17-18
vv.17-18. “Struck Dead,” like Paul in Acts 9; Because of the overwhelming presence of Christ in ALL HIS GLORY! Christ in His loving assurance reminds John who He is… (Authority of Death and the Place of Death)!

Reading: Revelation 1:19-20
Reminded to Write, Commanded: What you are experiencing (Rev.1); What the churches will be experiencing in this Present time of History (Rev.2-3); and What the world will experience at the Second Coming of Christ (Rev.4-22).
Note the Pattern: A mystery revealed, then it’s uncovering/unveiling/explanation = Revelation.

Closing Reading - Challenge = Great Faith!
Reading: Matthew 15:25-28