Not Willing, Not Worthy Jesus = Disruptor Are You Willing To Believe, For Real?

FOLLOWING CHRIST, requires Obedience, You and I, have to actually execute, DO IT! And in Revelation Chapter 1, the Apostle John launches into a load of "REASON," as to why.



Matt’s House Church
Message: Letter To The Churches
Scripture: Revelation 1:1-8
August 6, 2023

Statement of Fact: Take it, or leave it, it’s up to you,
Point: FOLLOWING CHRIST, requires Obedience;
Opening Reading: Revelation 1:1-8

Summarize: Matthew 11:20-24
Compares (See Text) 3 Gentile Cities, with 3 Orthodox Jewish Cities of the “Holy Triangle,” North on the Sea of Galilee.
Reading: Matthew 11:23-24
NOT acting, is NOT believing!
NOT believing, leads to judgement (Hell, Place of the Dead, lit. Hades)!

Reading: Matthew 11:25-30
You’ve got to come as a child, NOT wise & learned!
As a child: weary, and burdened resting in Christ;
As a child: learn (In Jesus’ Way), gentle (Kindly), humble (Attitude of Christ: considering others as better than yourself)

Question: Are you willing?
Challenge Point: Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless.
Challenge Question: Are you inviting Jesus, right now, to DISRUPT your life?

We are in a time where TRUE FAITH, true Believe in both Thought, Words and Actions is REQUIRED! No Action, No Faith! Martin Luther, Protestant Reformation (By Faith Alone), Current Misunderstanding! Intellectual ascent is all that matters, NOT! Faith/Trust has always been lived out! It MUST!

When John wrote the book of Revelation he had lived through, and was in the midst of a time of GREAT tribulation, a time of extreme suffering, especially for Christians. Successive Roman Emperors had been putting the screws to christians, considering them Enemies of the State. Just like Hitler, people in power demanded loyalty with a heavy hand; much of the German Church failed to stand during Hitlers reign of terror and the results were devastating; Hitler, like many other Emperors demanded worship, even seeing themselves as God’s! This can be seen throughout history, particularly in China and Russia, often this is evidenced by Gigantic Statues that exult and immortalize the leaders, emperors, and in ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs.

Nero, Domitian murdered thousands of Christ followers; before them, Julius Caesar was worshipped in many provinces, Caius Caligula claimed to be divine, but also demanded his statue be set up for worship in the Holy of Holies, in the Temple in Jerusalem. Nero demanded, worship and blamed Christians for the burning of Rome in 64AD. Domitian, titled himself “Inus AcDeus Noster”= Our Lord and God. John, like other true Lovers-Followers of God through the ages, refused to bow down and worship other gods, the kings, just like Daniel in his time. And this resulted in persecution…

We are facing similar times, Christ is Coming Back, The End of the Age is approaching,

Two Illustrations of Faith
2 Hunters (Marksmen, Lion)
Tight Rope Walker & the Barrel

Bible (Revelation 1:1-8)
Reading: Revelation 1:1-3, 94AD
vv.1 Revelation = GK-Apokalypsis (An Unveiling/A Disclosure);
Soon = GK-En Techie (A Sudden Action/Not Always Immediate)
Point: Once the End Time Action Begins, it will move RAPIDLY!
Made It Known = By Signs & Wonders, a evidenced by super-natural
Servant = GK-Doulos (Slave) also referred to selves as Slaves: Paul,
James, Peter, Jude.
vv.2 Word Of God = Prophecy, literal message of God, from God (Literally,
from Jesus Christ Himself) about things to come.
vv.3 Time Is Near/At hand (lit.) = GK-Kairos (Time of Crisis/Point In Time);

vv.4-5 Seven Spirits = Seven Fold Spirit (Holy Ghost), Referenced in Zech.
4:10; Verse contain All 3 Persons of Trinity, Pictures their Unity &
Completeness (#7), symbolic language. Titles/Descriptors of Christ
(Who He is, and What He’s done. Ruler of the Kings (Of The Earth);
RELATED TO “Emperor Worship.” Reference 1 Timothy 6:15, Paul
writing to Timothy. Freed = GK-Pictures, Washed in….
vv.7 Reference from Zech. 12, 13, pictures Christ, and the End of the Age.

vv.8 A Signature, of the Witness, the One Testifying/Declaring/Giving/
Speaking the Truth which is about to unfold, in Revelation, Apokolypsis
(An Unveiling/A Disclosure).

Question: Are you willing?
Challenge Point: Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless.
Challenge Question: Are you inviting Jesus, right now, to DISRUPT your life?