Not Willing, Not Worthy Jesus = Disrupter Are You The Wise One?


Today we’ll begin where we left off…

FOLLOWING CHRIST, requires Obedience;


Reading:  Matthew 10:34-40 (NO COMMENTS)


Challenge Point:  Jesus came to DISRUPT normal!

Challenge Point:  If you’re NOT willing, You’re NOT worthy!

Illustration:  Barmen Declaration, 1935, “Preaching The Kingdom of Heaven in Evil Times.”  The German Church, it’s pastors and it’s people taking a stand against evil, and against Hitler, and his Third Reich.  Initially, 6000 signed it, 6000 sided with Hitler, by not signing it, and 12,000 pastors STAYED SILENT!


Reading:  Matthew 10:41-42 (Obedience Rewarded)

Jesus is about to illustrate, paint a picture of what the COST associated with Following Him, in Preaching The Kingdom of God is at Hand!

  • Jesus, preached as a prophet, righteous, they gave saving mercy, “a cold cup of water,” of God, a liaison between God and people, relaying God’s message.  So to, His followers are the same…John the Baptist & You and Me.

Challenge Point:  FOLLOWING CHRIST, requires Obedience;

The Obedient one is FOUND WORTHY by God;

And the Obedient one is REWARDED by God!


Bible  (Matthew 11:1-19)

Summarize:  Matthew 11:1-3

Reading:  Matthew 11:4-16

  • (vv.4-5). Describes what the “Kingdom of God” looks like in it’s coming?
  • (v.6). Challenge Point:  Reward & Question
  • (vv.7-13). What did you come too see, leading to a the question:
  • (v.14). Challenge Point/Question:  Are you willing to accept John as a prophet?


Reading:  Matthew 11:18-19 (Comparison of both John the Baptist & Jesus)

  • (vv.19b)  Your ACTIONS, prove whether or not you have received this wisdom, John preached, and I am preaching, “Repent (Turn To God), the Kingdom of God is at hand!”

Challenge Point:  Our ACTIONS illustrate what we actually believe!

Illustration Point: The Barmen Declaration, brings out this point exactly, and we can look back and see the results of SILENCE, Bonhoeffer knew that, “ignorance, silence, inaction and theological confusion, were not only helping evil gain a foothold, but were lending evil a helping hand”  (Letter to the American Church, by Eric Metaxas).


Challenge Point:  Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.  To to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.  Good will not hold us guiltless.


POINT:  Make NO mistake about it, Jesus has come as a DISRUPTER!

POINT:  I hope, right now, Jesus is DISRUPTING you.  Is He?


Summarize:  Matthew 11:20-24

  • Compares (See Text) 3 Gentile Cities, with 3 Orthodox Jewish Cities of the “Holy Triangle,” North on the Sea of Galilee.

Reading:  Matthew 11:23-24

  • NOT acting, is NOT believing!
  • NOT believing, leads to judgement (Hell, Place of the Dead, lit. Hades)!


Reading:  Matthew 11:25-30

  • You’ve got to come as a child, NOT wise & learned!
  • As a child:  weary, and burdened resting in Christ;
  • As a child:  learn (In Jesus’ Way), gentle (Kindly), humble (Attitude of Christ: considering others as better than yourself)


Question:  Are you willing?

Question:  Are you inviting Jesus, right now, to DISRUPT your life?