Part VI, Point 2: Christ's Way Is Greater (Col. 3:12-17)

Opening Reading: Colossians 3:1-2
• Question: What is Paul getting in these opening words to Colossians chapter 3?
Answer: Paul is imploring the Colossians to REMEMBER that Christ’s Way Is
Greater because Christ is Superior, Creator, Sustainer/Maintainer, the same
Resurrection Power that caused Christ to come alive again inside His tomb, is the
same Power that is Available to Change you and me! Pictured in Baptism (2:12)…
• Point: Any other way, and any other impostor god is LESS than!
Question: What are these destructive ways of doing life?
Reading: Colossians 3:5, 8, 9a, 11 = Divisions
Jimmy’s Story (Dennis Calls) - Right now we have a friend battling to Put to Death,
Take Off the Old Ways that have been destroying him for way too long! Last week
Jimmy came to church, Monday he showed up at the Drop-In for help, Sharon took
him to St. Agnes, they refused to detox him. Sharon let Dennis and I know Jimmy
was back on the streets. Concerned, we determined to find him. Jimmy’s prayer &
Our Prayer.

Reading: Colossians 3:12
Positionally - God’s Chosen People = Elect by God, Foreknown by God in eternity
past, Manifest God; Holy = Set A Part, by blood of Christ (Sanctified), for the Things
of God; Dearly Loved = Loved By God.
Practically - Clothe = (Imperative) Decisive Action - Putting On Christlikeness:
• Compassion = Literally, “Tender Sympathy of Heartfelt,”
• Kindness = Beneficial/Caring Action;
Illustration: Sharon, Dennis and Monica’s care for Jimmy, Thursday.
• Humility = Lower than God Attitude, Not elevating Self Above Others;
Understanding Your Weakness, Neediness.
• Patience = Long Suffering, Grief Enduring, Restraint in defending yourself.
Illustration: Like Christ, when falsely accused, arrested, tried, convicted, beaten,
crucified chose silence and asking His Father, “To forgive them, they know not what
they do.”
Reading: Colossians 3:13-14
vv.13 - Bear With Each Other = Literally, Holding yourself Back from Another;
Forgive (Imperative/Act Decisively Too) - Used 3X’s.
Slide (Tech. Team): “Our Father Prayer”
• Matthew 6:14 (Ref.); Grievances = Complaints Against/A Blaming.
vv.14 - Binding (Oriental Sash) New Clothes/Virtues/Christlikeness are HELD
TOGETHER by - Love = (GK-Agape) God’s Kind of Perfect Love, Controlling Power,
this creates and sustains all New Ways of Life; Virtues Binds = Holds Together In
Perfect Unity by LOVE.
• Quote: p.148, Ironside, “What is contrary to love, is contrary to Christ.”
Reading: Colossians 3:15-17
• Peace = Transcendent God-Given Tranquility (Closer To Christ = More Peace)
• Rule = Literally, Umpire your hearts; Peace Decides Debate.
• One Body = Christ as Head
• Be Thankful = Keep Becoming, Continues;
vv.16 - Word = Christ; Dwell = (Present, Active, Imperative) Remain, Take Up
Residence; by Christ/Truth. Richly = Rich (Flavoring Your Life); Equipped &
Controlled; Admonish = Counsel; Wisdom = *(GK-Sophia) Practice Knowledge.
Point: When we live, possessed by Christ, our New Natural Response is…
Psalms = (Literally, Live Daily) Book of Psalms, Hymns = Songs Praising God,
Spiritual Songs = Rather than Secular; Gratitude = Literally, In Grace, the ability to
recognize and appreciate God’s “Goodness.”
Point: A lack of Rejoicing exposes a deeper soul disturbance, that is killing you.
vv.17 - Whatever You Do = NO Secular/Spiritual SPLIT; Do It All = (Present, Active,
Indefinite); Name of Christ = As if Christ Himself were doing it; Giving Thanks = (3
• Point: Living Thankful, is evidence of your Connectedness!
Challenge (Worship Team Music)
Question: Is you soul Peace Disturbed, do you find yourself disconnected, or
thankless, or joyless?
Action: Take this moment and give it to God… (Call forward for Prayer)
Next Week: We’ll see how these Christ Like Virtues, Controlled by the Force of
Love, define how we do Relationship with others.