Need to Know

What kind of music do you guys play?

We play a wide variety of music both what is often defined as sacred, religious or worship and secular (What you might hear on the radio). Music, both the poetic lyrics and notes, are a most powerful means in communicating directly to the heart of a human being.

What do I wear?

Wear what you feel most comfortable in. At our Worship Gatherings you will find people dressed in jeans, t-shirts, and polo's; others might be dressed in casual business attire. The most important thing to remember is we want you to feel right at home!

How long are the services/gatherings?

Our Worship Gatherings generally an hour and a half, our constant prayer and desire is that you encounter God, so they can go longer. We have Coffee and Refreshments before the Worship Gathering and after providing a great opportunity for people to connect and deepen relationships. The Weekly Worship Gathering is merely a time for the larger Matt's House family to come together and celebrate God's Great Love for us!

What do you have that I can get involved in?

Simply click on the CONNECT WITH US to your left and scroll through the different menu items. It doesn't matter who you are, what your background is or how much experience you have getting involved is a Core Value at Matt's House. Most churches see 20% participation and 80% attendance, we believe that by connecting and getting involved people become more deeply committed to each other within the Matt's House community and the natural outflow of their involvement ultimately begins to change their community and world. People make the difference, so we are striving to see 80% of the people deeply involved where they fit in and 20% of the people searching for where they need to plug in.

How do I get involved?

Once you settle on something that sounds interesting to you, something you might want to explore a little just sign up on line or call and let us know how you see yourself getting involved. We will connect with you immediately, help you explore your interests, and get you plugged in when you are ready.

Where are we located?

Our Ministry Offices:
Center for Pregnancy Concerns Office
5419 East Drive, Arbutus, Maryland 21227

Drop-In Center/Church Office
5421 East Drive, Arbutus, Maryland 21227

Our Worship Gathering:
Matt's House Church
5421 East Drive
Arbutus, Maryland 21227

Do you have child care?

Absolutely, we look forward to caring for your infants, toddlers, and elementary school children. Everyone who is Middle School aged and older will join the Worship Gathering.

Do the child care works have training and current background checks?

Yes! They are trained Child Safety Course and have a recent Background Check prior to working with any child. We continue to train and certify and recertify our child care workers.