Change Part II - Embracing

Last week we launched into our Change Series. The verdict is in NOT GUILTY! We are
invited to step into Christ’s Righteousness and exchange our: Guilt, Shame,
Brokenness and Death because of Christ’s finished work at the cross and His
overcoming of death and the grave Change is a REAL possibility. We defined Change
as “A supernaturally powered life long journey of becoming who you were always
designed to “Be.”

Today I want to challenge you to Embrace your brokenness, hardships, limitations, and
the closed doors; pressing into God and trusting Him in the struggles, with the unanswered
questions, the unknowns, and the hard times…hoping in His Goodness and
knowing “He is For YOU!”

Opening Reading: Proverbs 12:25
Anxiety = Worry or Concern; Heart = Inner man, mind, will; Weights Down = Stoop
Down, Lie Flat, Subdue, Oppress.

Illustration: “The Letters,” from Mother Teresa of Calcutta. A 6 decades long struggle
with a deep, soul wrenching, depression that only her spiritual director knew about. Inspite
of this she trusted God and Hoped that He had not abandoned her as she cared
for the naked, the hungry, the homeless, the sick, the leper, the dying, all the ones the
world has deemed untouchable.

This is a REAL Human Experience it goes undiscussed, stays hidden and is avoided
even in church. Yet the scriptures are full of examples:
• Lamentation - Written by an author that witnessed the genocide, suffering, slaughter
and enslavement of his own people when Babylon, the New Super Power invade his
nation, carrying many, like Daniel away into captivity.
• Job - Loses everything: his wealth, his 10 children, his health and his friends even turn
on him.
• King David’s son, Absalom - Rapes his sister, steals his throne and is eventually killed
against his wishes.
• King Saul, disobeys God’s wishes, is condemned to lose his throne by a prophet, and
is tormented by evil spirits.
Question: What can we do, when we are faced with this darkness called depression?

Reading: Psalm 23:4-6

Interview - Barbie Bisser
Barbie, you’ve battled depression on and off and it’s been very costly and devastating.
Question: Why is it that you feel compelled to tell the story of your battle with
When did you first become aware of this battle?
Question: What did you discover about yourself, others and God?
Question: What simple act(s) of faith helped you to embrace this dark struggle?

Reading: Psalm 42
This poem…this song was written to capture the anguish of heart, mind, soul by one of
the “Sons of Korah,” a Levitical family. Who was exiled from his Jerusalem, longing for
the sanctuary and oppressed by his enemies.
vv.1-2 Pants = Longing For; metaphor comparing a deers longing for refreshing
streams, to our souls thirst for God; Meet = Face To Face (Syriac, Targum OT
Paraphrase, Hebrew manuscripts and the LXX).

The Psalmist over and over again gives us a glimpse into his dark night and oppression;
then he will points us to the answer, remembering the Light…God’s “Goodness.”

vv.4 Jewish males went up to Jerusalem and up to the sanctuary 3 X’s a year for
festivals remembering God’s: Presence, His Provision, His Power and His Care.
vv.5 Downcast = Lit. Bowed Down.
vv.6 Jordon, Hermon, Mitzar all references to home.
vv.7-8 Waterfalls, Waves, Breakers all refer to turmoil, despair that’s hammering away.

Illustration: Rob’s Depression (Build Out of CPC, after a search for a New Home fell
vv.11 Bottomline: Hope in God alone, Not People, Not Circumstances, Not Self-
Reliance. KNJV - Savior = Help.

Reflective Slide Challenge (Instrumental)
Question: How do you feel forgotten by God?
Question: What is oppressing you right now, causing you to mourn?
Question: What is your soul agonizing over, disturbed by right now?
Question: What is God’s word of hope to you this morning,
Statement: Step into His Presence invite him to be the answer, the savior, Your God.

Reading: Psalm 23:1-4a
Song/Reading: “As Pants The Hart From Cooling Streams,” (A Guide To Prayer For
Ministers & Other Servants, p.122)
Closing Prayer - p.118