Part II: Mission &Core Values


Pop Interviews (Core Leaders: Tim B., Martin F., Michaela B., Jesse G., Carl H., Sue
T., Nancy R.)
• Question: “Why are you a follower of Christ?”
• Question: Why are you passionate about ________________ (Ministry Name)?

Last week I took you to that moment I first journaled the vision, the name Matt’s
House Church, its founding Biblical philosophy and Founding Scripture while I was
rolling down a dusty, pot hole riddled road in the Dominican Republic. I recounted
our History from Our:
A Walk Through Our His-Story (1 - 7 Pictures Review MH-History)
• Picture #1: First Core Team Meeting at my house in 2007; to
• Picture #2: First Community Connection Center in 2008; to
• Picture #3: First Pre-View Gathering at Penguins Bar in 2009; to
• Picture #4: First Bi-Monthly Gathering at the Arbutus Social Club in 2009; to
• Picture #5: Our Biblical philosophies of ministry, “No Perfect People Allowed;” to
• Picture #6: First Needs Based Ministry Site the CPC to our Second Needs Based
Ministry Site the Community Connection Resource & Center in 2012-13; to
• Picture #7: Our move into the Hollywood Theatre, where I first prayed God might
launch us in 2014.
Opening Scripture Reading & Reflection: Matthew 9:9-13
• Reflection (2 Minutes)
• Shout Out: What words, phrases, thoughts pop out or come to your mind?
Mission Statement (Use Pre-View Slide)
Our Mission Is to develop a community of whole-hearted, willing-minded Christ
followers that do-the-work of reaching the world with the life transforming Good
News, not because we have to, but, because God's love in us compels us to love
Supporting Scriptural Bases for Mission Statement
Readings: Mark 16:14-16 (Jesus Resurrection)
vv.15 - “All” = (GK-Ha-Panta) Whole World (Emphatic); “Preach” = (GK-Kery-ex-atae)
Proclaim; “Good News” (GK-Eu-angelion) = Gospel.
vv.16 - “Saved” = Rescued by God from sin & it’s penalty;
Point: This passage speaks of an internal change of heart, the work of God, and the
external proclamation which is you identifying publicly that you are Following
David’s Charge as the New King & Temple Builder (1 Chronicles 28)
King David summoned his court officials, the tribes of Israel, his army and its
leaders, his property managers and sons, and all the palace officials as well as his
personal body guard warriors the “Mighty Men” and announced that he had been
given plans to build a house for the Lord. Then the King stood to his feet and gave
his son Solomon his Kingdom, the plans for the Lord’s house and the following
Reading: 1 Chronicles 28:8-9
vv.8 - Follow all the commands = “Know what God wants and live them out.”
vv.9 - Whole Hearted & Willing Mind = Decide to serve God Completely!
• Point: Do life with a Single Hearted & Minded Focus On God’s Will, which in
Solomon’s case was serving as the King of Israel, a picture of God’s Kingdom on
earth, His Rule and Reign; and the building of the Lord’s house, his temple the
symbol of God’s Presence with His people.
Jesus’ Instructions on “Love”
• Readings: Mark 12:29-31; John 15:12-13; John 13:35
Core Values (Use Pre-View Slide)
These values are tangible and practical ways we, Followers of Christ, at Matt’s
House Church are challenged to live out our mission.
• Illustration - If the mission were the seat of the stool, the legs, or Core Values, are
what elevates and supports the seat/mission.
See Core Value Sheet & Review
Closing Prayer
May my God, “meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”
May, “the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit;” and we pray…
“To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.” (Philippians 4:19, 23, 20)