State of The Church, Part III: Turning The Tide

State of The Church, Part III - Turning The Tide Slide 1 - State of the Church, Part II - Turning The Tide (Matthew 11:12) Following Jesus, just as in battle, offers us shell shock, confusion, extreme fear, numbness, tactical retreats; but for those who persevere holding ONLY onto Jesus there is refreshment, fresh vision, a trust that stands firm in the face of fear, a supernatural sense of understanding and seeing, and empowerment that not only stands against all odds, but thrives and sees…touches the very Awesome, Mighty, Majesty and Creator of All…God! David’s cry to his people when faced with their greatest enemy was, “The Battle Belongs to The Lord!”

(Adapted from: “The Great Evangelical Recession,” by John S. Dickerson) Time To Get REAL Slide 2 - The Wake Up Call (Recap, “State of the Church” Part I&II) Slide 3 - Question: What do we do about it? Slide 4 - #1: Acknowledge Our Weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)

Bring “Good!” Slide 5 - #2: Bring Good (1 Peter 2:12, 15) Slide 6 - Doing “Good” =‘s

Church Divided Slide 7 - #3: Church Divided Illustration: Hope Presbyterian’s “Basement Cafe,” “Ashes To Go,” Joint “Good Friday Service,” and Joint “Movie and Care & Movie Night’s,” and working on joining the greater Arbutus Community and churches in putting on a “Community Clean Up Day.” Slide 8 - Essentials & Non-Essentials

Bankrupt To Solvent Slide 9 - #4: Bankrupt To Solvent Slide 10 - NT Model For Ministry

Healing The Wounded Slide 11 - #5: Healing The Wounded Slide 12 - A Movement of Healing

Closing Challenge Recognize we are All Debtors To God & Man (Debbie Gill) • Point: Paul the Apostle put it this way, “I am a debtor both to the Greeks, and to the barbarians, both to the wise and the unwise.” Romans 1:14 Reading - January 30th Devotional

Challenge Questions Question: Who has God placed in your life that He is calling you to LOVE…Disciple? Question: What Kingdom Minded Call has He laid on your heart to to Reach those Far From God?