Part VI: Christ's Way Is Greater (Col.3:12-17)

Opening Reading: Colossians 3:12-17
Illustration: Every New Year is usually accompanied by New Year’s Resolutions, a
New Way of Doing Life. Resolutions are driven by self-will, and self-assertiveness.
But Paul challenges us toward a New Way of Life NOT Self-Powered, but GodPowered.
Reading: Colossians 3:12 (A Loaded Verse - Speak of External Impact)
Positionally - God’s Chosen People = Elect of God, Foreknown by God in all
eternity, Manifest God as His sons and daughters; Holy = Set A Part, by blood of
Christ (Sanctified), for the Things of God; Dearly Loved = Loved By God.
Practically (Viscerally/Heart/Gut), Clothe = (Imperative) Take Decisive Action -
Putting On (New Man/Garment) Christlikeness:
Contrast/Opposition: New Garments with Old Filthy Garments (Anger, Rage,
Malice, Slander, Filthy Language, and Lying) or Destructive Behavioral Patterns.
• Compassion = Literally, “Tender Sympathy of Heartfelt,”
• Kindness = Beneficial/Caring Action;
Illustration: Our Acts can be Empty, if Heart Motive Off.
• Humility = Lowly Attitude toward God, Not elevating Self Above Others;
Understanding Your Weakness, Neediness.
Illustrations: Roosevelt, “I hate a weak man.” Trump, speaking of Senator McCain
a veteran of Vietnam and former Prisoner of War said, “I don’t like losers, McCain is
a loser, I like winners, I’m a winner.”
Reference: Paul speaks of Christ’s Greater Way - Philippians 2:6-8;
• Gentleness = A Meekness, Lowly Attitude Toward Others,
• Reference: Zep. 2:3 urges us to “Seek Meekness”
• Reference: Matthew 11:28-30
• Patience = Long Suffering, Readiness to Endure Grief, Restraint toward
Point: Normal/Old Man Response, is to defend self, especially when we feel
Illustration: Christ, instead, when falsely accused, arrested, tried, convicted, beaten,
crucified chose rather was silent and ask His Father, “To forgive them, they know
not what they do.”
Reading: Colossians 3:13-14
vv.13 - Bear With Each Other = Literally, Holding yourself Back from Another;
Forgive (Imperative/Act Decisively Too) - Used 3X’s.
Slide (Tech. Team): “Our Father Prayer”
• Reference: Matthew 6:14; Grievances = Complaints Against/A Blaming.
• Paul’s Challenge: Remember, how much God has Forgiven you?
vv.14 - Binding (Oriental Sash) These Garments/Virtues/Christlikeness TOGETHER -
Love = (GK-Agape) God’s Kind of Perfect Love, Controlling Power, this creates and
sustains all New Ways of Life; Virtues Binds = Holds Together In Perfect Unity by
• Quote: p.148, Ironside, “What is contrary to love, is contrary to Christ.”
Reading: Colossians 3:15-17 (Speak of Internal Impact - Heart/Gut)
Peace = Transcendent God-Given Tranquility (Closer To Christ = More Peace)
Rule = Literally, Umpire your hearts; Peace Decides Debate.
One Body = Christ as Head
Be Thankful = Keep Becoming, Continues Decision (NA/AA Rooms);
vv.16 - Word = Christ; Dwell = (Present, Active, Imperative) Remain, Take Up
Residence, Literally, In YOU; Equipped & Controlled by Truth…Able to Teach & Help
Others. Richly = Rich (Flavoring Your Life); Admonish = Counsel; Wisdom = *(GKSophia)
Practice Knowledge; Psalms = (Literally, Live Daily) Book of Psalms,
Hymns = Songs Praising God, Spiritual Songs = Rather than Secular; Gratitude =
Literally, In Grace, (Either Expressed by Living in God’s Grace or Expressed As
Thankfulness). Illustration: Judah, sent singers out against Jehosephat
• Point: A lack of Rejoicing is a symptom of a serious, soul disturbance, born by
doing life on our own terms: Self-Will and/or Self-Assertiveness, NOT God’s.
vv.17 - Whatever You Do = NO Secular and Spiritual SPLIT; Do It All = (Present,
Active, Indefinite) Every aspect of life, all the time, forever; Name of Christ =As if
Christ Himself were doing it; Giving Thanks = (3 X’s).
• Point: Thanksgiving, gratitude is a sign of our connectedness to Christ, His work
in us, and us seeing His work through us.
Question: Is you soul Peace Disturbed lately? Feeling a bit Disconnected?
Question: Doing Life Christ’s Way? Or maybe, having it your way?
Next Week: We’ll see how these Christ Like Virtues, Controlled by the Force of
Love, define how we do Relationship with others.