Part 3 - Colossians 2:8-2:23

Paul writing from prison in Rome, in Chapter 2 of Colossians, continues to drive home
the point that Christ Is Greater…Christ is Supreme, Christ is the Beginning…the
Priority…First Place…Superior, Period!
Opening Reading: Colossians 2:6-7 (Maturing/Growing)
Continue to…Live, Rooted, Built Up, Strengthened Faith = Loyalty, Commitment to
(In-Christ/Powered By Christ) = Result is THANKFULNESS.
Reading: Colossians 2:8-12
Gnostic/Man Manufactured/Man-Powered Philosophies (Worldly Wisdom) = Leaves
You Wanting/Powerless.
Point: Philosophies Don’t Answer - How’s or Why’s of Universe
• Fulness = Filled Full, Gnostics used to describe qualities of Deity
• Comes Against - Unbelievers of Christ’s Humanity; Unbelievers of Christ’s Full
• Head = (GK-Kaphale); Literally the Head of the Body (Time, Rank, Rule,
Authority) whether: angels, aeons, kings, etc.
• Circumcision = Of Heart (Romans2:29)
• Putting Off = As old garment (Flesh/Old Man)
• Power = (GK-Energia) Same God-Energy that raised Christ from the DEAD.
• Death = Separation from - God, Real Life, Real Wholeness, Real Joy, Real Hope…
Point: Against Gnostic Ritualist's, Not Act/Ritual of Baptism, but Christ
Reading: Colossians 2:13-15
• Dead In Sins = Moral Mis-Steps & Alienated from God
• Alive With Christ = Christ was the instrument God used
• Cancelled = Blotted Out, used by Plato - blotting/scraping/rubbing off writing
• Law = Certificate of Debt, Bill of Indebtedness (Burden)
• Cross = Certificate of Debt “NAILED TO CROSS “IN CHRIST” = Debt Cancelled,
Point: If you choose NOT TO BE IN Christ, your Debt is your Burden to PAY.
Reading: Colossians 2:16-19
Gnostic’s False Gospel and their Fake Power & Authority.
• Disqualify = Steal/Rob one of…
• Prize = Rewards “In Christ,” (Knowledge of God’s Will, Power to carry it out.)
• Idle = Vain, Of No Avail
• Lost Connection = Deserted Christ; as Gnostics Dethroned as Aeon.
• Held Together = Illustration: Laminin, glycoprotein that has an adhesive quality,
that which holds the cells together (Cross Shaped), so literally, Christ is holding all
cells together (Col. 1:17).
Reading: Colossians 2:20-23
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Question: Why do we keep trying to get life out of a broke world with broke ways?
Question: Why do we keep listening to the Next New Thing/Philosophy?
Question: Why do we keep selling out to what this world Promises will bring life,
success, fulfillment?
• False Humility = A form of God Following, but a denial of God’s power &
authority over them.
• Self-Imposed Worship = Man determined ways of worship (Angels of Gnostics)