Jesus’ Birth Announced


This week we, “as a church,” are placing an ad into the Arbutus Times for two
reasons: The first, is to say thank you to all those who donated the food that filled
the 100 Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes that were distributed in Arbutus and Lansdowne;
second, to challenge people to “Re-Think Christmas…Connect your neighborhood
church celebrate the greatest event ever in the history of humanity.” This AD serves
as an announcement to Arbutus regarding the Birth of Christ.


Doctor Luke introduces Gabriel (Angel of Justice/Makes Right) who appears to Mary
a young woman, a virgin living in a small town, Nazareth, in Galilee. She was
pledged to be married to Joseph, a carpenter, and most importantly a descendant of
David. This betrothal/pledge period would last for a specified time where both
parties were considered husband and wife, except they would live separately until
their wedding and that night when their pledge would finally be consummated,
fulfilling their promise to be ONE in marriage.

Reading: Luke 1:28-30

Greetings = Rejoice (verb, present, active, imperative)
Highly Favored = To be bestowed favor on; Shown Kindness To
Point: Greek word Related to Grace, idea “God is with” and “For” you.
Troubled = perplexed, confused
Wonder = Reason thoroughly (Think Through); Converse (Talk Through)
Greeting (Different Word) = Simply meaning “Greeting.”
Favor = Grace; Kindness, Gift, Good Will with God (Gk: Para = Extended To You).
Point: This passage is filled with the idea of Grace, from the meaning of John’s
name: “The Lord is Gracious,” to the use of the word “Favored” meaning “Grace,”
that God extends or shows or gifts us Good Will/Intentions and Kindness. Also,
after 400 years of silence from God He shows up by way of an angelic messenger;
to be with common priest, a disgraced barren woman; NOT High Society Types! NOT the Rich and Famous! NOT the highly educated and esteemed! NOT those
that somehow believed they had it altogether and deserved God’s approval or
acceptance; BUT to a young virgin, pledged to a carpenter; in a backwoods town
called Nazareth.

Reading: Luke 1:30-35

Angel Names Jesus, just like Zechariah with John
• Give = To Call to A Task
• Name = Name
• Jesus = Joshua “Yahweh Is Salvation.”

Great; Son of the “Most High,” i.e. Equality with God, Semitic thought son “carbon
copy” of the father in nature and character *(Isaiah 9:6,7); Throne of David (2
Samuel 7, Ps. 89); Reign over Israel forever; A Kingdom w/out end (2 Samuel 7:19).

Readings: Isaiah 9:6, 7 (Mighty God); 7:14 (Virgin Birth)

Point: Mary would connect her son as with the promised Messiah.
Overshadow = His Presence, Idea: Envelope with a cloud

Reading: Luke 1:36-38
• Impossible = Literally - No word from God “will ever fail.”

Point: Elizabeth giving birth is to serve as evidence to Mary concerning God’s
promise and ability to fulfill His promise.

Summary Luke 1:39-42 Mary visits Elizabeth.

Reading: Luke 1:43-45
• Question/Answer: What do we have to do to receive God’s “Favor,” merely
believe like Mary.