Civil War Life Together

We are developing men of honor and nurturing women. This is a family opportunity to join South Mountain Horse Artillery re-enacting the Civil War as artillerists in the Army of Northern Virginia. You experience battles, camp life, food, fun and camp fire conversations.

"There is a true glory and a true honor; the glory of duty done; the honor of the integrity of principle." - Robert E. Lee

Downloadable MusterPacket2016 Contains:  Application, Equipment List, Artillery Piece Specs and a copy of Reenactment Season.


Due to COVID many events this year suspended the following we hope will still happen

*October 16-18: Cedar Creek (157rd), VA (C&R&GH)
*October 30-November 1: Guyondotte, WV (C&M&R)

Note: C=Cannon; M=Mortar; R=Rifle; GH=Ghost Hunting; *=Primary Unit Events

LTG Facilitator: Martin Feigelis 443-745-7697