Your Idol Dictates Your Destiney!

February 12, 2019 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

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Who or what is your idol? It matters. Most of the time we don't think of life in terms of idols, but we all have them. If we slow down, and take a moment to evaluate our existence here on planet earth what we give our lives away to will soon become apparent. Really, anything or anyone can be an idol.

What's an idol, you ask?  An idol, anything or anyone you give your life away to, in an all consuming way, dictating your decisions, determining your steps, emotions or thinking that haunt your days and nights.  

Think for a moment, about your day.  Who orders your steps?  What is it that determines your priorities?  Why, is it you live, decide and do the things you do?  Who is it for?  Why is it important, or not important?  

When it comes down to it, it simply means who or what dictates your life day in and day out, ultimately, it comes down to worship.  Who or what do you pledge your allegiance to and why?  What do you get out of the pledge?

King Nebuchadnezzar, the supreme ruler of the Babylonian empire, reigned from Babylon, it's ruins are in modern day Iraq, 60 miles south of Bagdad.  During empires golden age of prosperity, in the late 500's BC he and his father had conquered many lands and peoples, carried away their riches and subjugated them to Babylonian rule.  Nobles and royals from these lands and peoples were often carried away to Babylon, the capital city, and indoctrinated with Babylonian literature, history, and learned their language, ultimately, to serve the king.  If you did what the king told you to do, then you got to live in the kings graces, if you defied the king, then you experienced the consequences.  In short, bow down to the kings dictates or suffer the consequences.

Is what you've dedicated your life to, paying out the dividends you expected?  Are those dividends truly satisfying your soul craves?  The king was haunted by these same questions, he struggled to find true satisfaction for his soul, it seemed fleeting.

How about you, is your life all you expected it to be?  Maybe, in wrestling with your idols you will find the answer.  The king was forced to wrestle with his, and if we're honest we to are being forced daily to wrestle with ours, but will we?

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