The Hammer of Truth!

August 20, 2015 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

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The "Truth" bites! All of us have tangled with truth, if your human that is, and it most often is NOT EASY, but if we deal with it we change, life gets simpler!  But we aren't always looking for simple or less confusing, or less painful living are we?  I often think I like confusion, pain and about you?

What I love about the "Truth" is that when I ignore it long enough...when I've run myself to exhaustion...when I've excused, justified and lied myself into a corner...and when I've let the sharp teeth of "Truth" bite deep enough then I finally cry-out "enough is enough" Jesus I SURRENDER!  Jesus I'm ready to listen to your life restoring WILL and live according to your life giving WAY!  The hardened mud in my life that covers the Master Piece that God made me to be must be chiseled away when I don't let Jesus wash it away.  Thankfully Jesus doesn't give up on me, He never stops pointing me to His TRUTH, He never stops wanting to lead me down the road of His WAY, He never stops trying to pour His LIFE into mine, but we MUST be WILLING to PARTICIPATE because He does nothing against our WILL.  

A Hard head and a Hard heart that WILLS against what is:  Absolute TRUTH, The only right WAY (Path), and living a never ending LIFE that is abundant and being restored to perfection REQUIRES "The Hammer of Truth" to bust away the hardened mud that obstructs the view of the beautiful Master Piece that YOU ARE.

How have you been hard headed and hard hearted...running from the inevitable, ever deepening bite of TRUTH in your life?  Look the at areas in life that cause you the most pain, what TRUTH are you not seeing or are you intentionally ignoring?

I was talking to a friend last night that is being choked out by the strangle hold of his addiction to drugs.  He is literally being suffocated to death, though he has so much to live for: a girl who loves him and hasn't left, a new baby on the way, and two other children that need his love and attention, but he refuses to see these life giving gifts in his life.  Why?  His dad walked out on him when he was two, yes, he had a step-father who he calls his dad, yes, his dad suddenly re-appeared a few years ago and apologized for disappearing, but my friend still hasn't acknowledged the reality that he lives out of a mentality of worthlessness.  Why does he feel worthless, because he still hasn't acknowledged and worked through the reality that he was abandoned by the man, his father, who was supposed to be there for him...who was supposed to love him unconditionally...who was supposed to really for...and provide for him.

His unresolved "Abandonment" and subsequent feeling of "Worthlessness" have caused great pain and suffering in his life.  Crime, jail, homelessness, joblessness and addiction are all the baggage or the bite of the HAMMER of TRUTH that he must face.  His daddy abandoned him, but that TRUTH doesn't make him "Worthless" it just points to the brokenness that requires restoration.  My friend's need can only be met in Christ Jesus...who NEVER abandons, NEVER leaves, NEVER stops loving and always through the TRUTH points to the only WAY (path) that always leads to NEW LIFE, now and FOREVER!  

Now that's GOOD NEWS for us all!

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