State of Matt's House Church

February 24, 2016 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

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From the pages of a personal journal entry written on a school bus rolling down a rutted and pot holed dirt road in the Dominican Republic, to a living room filled with wild ideas and few crazy people, to the basement smoke filled bar with a few more crazy people this series will trace the beginnings of Matt's House Church through to our current state of the church.

Hear about a God inspired vision that has grown from an idea in two hearts to: a Pregnancy Center, Drop-In & Resource Center walking with the addicted...jobless...homeless and helpless, LifeTogether Groups micro gatherings that inspire...encourage and love on, a Community Connection Team schools...other churches...feeding the hungry...gathering families through movies and candle light Christmas dinners; and our Sunday Gatherings where all are truly loved on and cared for. 

Join us, findout what drives us...connect to our passion to see those "Far From God" discover and grow in the reality that God is for us, and desires to bring good into our lives.  Skeptics, Haters, all jacked up folk are welcomed and invited to become a part of the mess that we call church.  If you've heard that Christ Followers are suppose to love their neighbors, their God and themselves and wondered how that works, jump in and learn, there is a master that deeply desires to restore you...his master piece and hey, thats part of the journey at Matt's House.  We are a community of imperfect people experiencing the life changing love of an incredible God that chooses to meet us where we are, like we are, and through Christ's restorative love God Re-Constructs us.  Now that's Good News!

Hear the stories...feel the REAL...see the mess...join the family!

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