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July 3, 2020 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

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Matt's House Church family! Saturday July 4th @ 6:00pm; and Sunday July 5, 2020 @ 10:07am in door worship gatherings in-doors worship resumes, choose a service as we maintain 50% capacity in fighting COVID19.

Important Details to Remember:

As we move into this new season of ministry, remember GRACE, be a grace giver we will all have to work together to keep people, especially those who are vulunerable due to underlaying conditions, healthy!  This is our act of Loving One Another, as Christ calls us to live out daily with those who are brothers and sisters in Christ.  This is our greatest Gospel Proclaiming truth we can give, the evident love of one another; by this Christ promise the world will know we belong to Him, our reigning KING!

That said:

If you are experiencing, headache, nausea, vomitting, fever, shortness of breath; please remain home.  Call 410 -350-1739 (Bill Pringle) or your Family Group leader and let us know.  We will reachout to you and connect with you to minister to any needs you might have.

Bring and Wear your mask, if you don't have one, we will have one for you.

Maintain Social Distance 6-8 feet apart.

Our seats will be 6-8 feet apart to help folks maintain social distance, families and folks that live in the same household can sit closer together if they wish.

We will give everyone a dab of handsanitizer upon your entery into our worship area.

Please, please, please remember everyone is dealing with this virus and maintaining their health differently.  You may be a hugger, and see no need for social distancing; but take to heart those who have a different mindset and be respectful of the above stated grace guidelines, putting others before yourself.