Restoring Broken

April 4, 2018 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

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Restoring - Broken…

When, in moments of silence, we finally facedown ourselves with no audience to impress or to fool and let the mask ,we’ve been hiding behind down, we are reminded that we are broken! In that place shame and guilt usually does the job of sticking the preverbal “fork in it,” whispering it’s done, you are nothing, there is NO hope, NO healing all that remains is pain and despair, there is nothing better, this suck is it. Why keep on living we ask ourselves, there is just more of the same. But Christ, doesn’t leave us to rot and die in our brokenness, misery and confusion He comes to heal, He comes to restore, He comes to set free, He comes to bring New Life; life with His purpose, “to seek and save” that which this world and many in it consider lost. Join Jesus and journey with Jesus and His followers into “No Mans Land” see how Christ leaves no stone unturned to bring “Restoration."

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