Psalms - Poems, Songs and Wisdom!

May 21, 2016 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

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In a world where posts, blogs (written or video), rants, tweets, instant messages, texts, instagrams rule; the beauty and power of real prose is being lost in the noise of mass production money making industry.  I found myself scrolling through FaceBook posts yesterday trying to read and like and comment to the posts, pictures, and quotes that caught my minds eye.  

Quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of thoughts being conveyed, it all became a blur and absolutely meaningless.  The apps that were created to connect us, really seem to disconnect us.  Mass production, and ease of communication that doesn't require much effort or presence has become the norm...what we crave.  Though it touts personal, it's really impersonal; it sells the illusion of presence, but its disconnect and really separateness that are personified; it promises a heart felt intimacy, but it only nets you a mass marketed intimacy that can never satisfy the real cry of our hearts for a REAL love, a REAL hearing, a REAL seeing that only comes out of a REAL "BEING" with, not a facsimile of.

The many Psalmists...Poets...Song Writers...and Wisdom Givers of Psalter in the Scriptures use a time proven method to convey that which consumes their hearts, writing.  Writing that is reflective, born out of personal experience in real life with its many joys, sufferings and ecstasy's!   

If you need a break from the noise, take some time to get away...get alone...and get REAL with some of the most influential literature that has ever been gifted to humanity, take sometime and taste what the word "meaning" encourages us to explore...READ a Psalm and rest in its personal message to your heart!  If you choose to take up this time consuming challenge, who knows, you just might run into the DIVINE and just maybe, discover that your connected.

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