The Loneliness Cure!

April 26, 2018 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

Tags: #PresenceTime, #Lonely, #WorshipGathering, #Intimacy

We live in a lonely, disconnected, disheartened, burned out and over stimulated world! There is ONLY ONE real cure but we seem to keep discounting it, trashing it, and spinning up new ways to fix our loneliness, whether we USE people or things or entertainment activities nothing seems to fill the void, which, over time, becomes more and more hopeless, a trapped sense that there is NO WAY OUT!

The thought that there is NO WAY OUT, is just a bold faced lie, really, for those who believe that evil exists in our world, in people, in horrific circumstances and ultimately in a actual being who Christ named the father of lies, the killer, the destroyer...Satan.  His #1 goal is to keep you separated from the Lover who ALWAYS SATISFIES, God incarnate, in Christ, the God-Man who came and demonstrated God's Love to a lost and hurting humanity.  You may not agree with the reality of Christ, but His life, His work, His Presence still speaks, it hasn't been silenced and it never will!  And it's because His Love never stops pursuing it's OBJECT, and that object is YOU!

Join us this Sunday, encounter Christ in a personal way, as we come and Gather for an intimate encounter with the only ONE who satisfies the LONELY HEART!

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