Desperate To Be HOLY!

March 17, 2018 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

Tags: #MattsHouseChurch, #robbenson, #Clean, #Desperation=Transformation, #ToBeHoly

Looking at the paralytic and the four that went to great lengths to deliver their friend to Jesus for forgiveness & healing, digging and lowering him through a roof, we see a picture of desperation. In the The Tent of Meeting and its furnishings we peer into a sacred dwelling with its sacred furnishings and functions, where man meets Maker.  Salvation for a desperate tax collector, who met Jesus and out of a repentant heart blows away the religious and their leaders, greatly exceeding the requirements of the law in his giving and his repaying those he had cheated signifying his jublance for such an incredible deliverance.  Great Lenths to taste the goodness of God's grace in Christ, putting on and walking in Christ's Holiness, both in heart intention and in conduct of living, you and I can experience this same Jesus today!  The question is, are we?

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