Contact With Holy

February 5, 2020 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

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A survey through the Gospel of Mark, we glimpse Jesus Christ, the God-Man, unleashing His Holy; offering rescue in an unholy world, that's me and you.  Mark, grabs our humanity by the throat and challenges our pretentious, highly educated, arrogant buttocks to Listen and See REAL Truth!  God is REAL, God really Cares, God really Rescues, Demons are real, and Christ even holds authority over demons, silencing them and casting them out by His command, these demons identify Jesus as the Holy One, who has come to destroy the work of Satan (Mark 1:24).  Jesus, Joshua in Hebrew, means "God Is Salvation," in other words, "God is Deliverer," "Rescuer," the only REAL Savior!

Mark's Gospel, is exactly that, "Good News," for you and me!  Join us at our Sunday Gathering's and discover Christ, His mission and most importantly open yourself up to make Contact With Holy, the only One who brings REAL Hope to humanity is Jesus, and the good news is you can know Him as friend.

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