I Am He Who Searches Minds and Hearts!

Posted onFebruary 2, 2024 | by: Rob Benson | 0 comments

"I am He who searches Minds and Hearts!" Wow! What a bold, and cutting statement from the mouth of Christ to the churches. It's a wake up call directing us ALL to repentance. Though some us may bring God's love, live in faith, serve others, persevere through and even have greater works than we had at first; these do NOT amount to anything if we continue in rebellion, lusting after and indulging in sexual immorality according to God's TRUTH. ...Keep Reading


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Excerpt, from Christ's message to the church both in Smyrna, modern day Izmir, Turkey and to His Church TODAY! Christ's command-exhortation and commendation of these Christian's remains for us as well! "Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown-of-life." (Revelation 2:10b). REFUSE TO BE SILENCED!...Keep Reading

Can we be PEOPLE of Great Faith? Yes we CAN!

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Christ is Coming Back, are you and I READY? Revelation = GK-Apokalypsis (An Unveiling/A Disclosure), a prophetic word of both Warning & Hope remember: Under the heavy hand of the early Roman Empire Christians were severely persecuted, John, as a follower of Christ personally experienced this extreme suffering, a picture of Great Faith, an Obedient One! ...Keep Reading

The UNIVERSE=CHRIST! Are you willing?

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Are you INVITING Christ as The Disrupter in your life? Certainly in your heart of hearts, you realize, He alone able to expose, drive out, and restore you to His NEW LIFE! Paul explodes this reality into, the so called UNIVERSE! "In Him we live, move and have our being!" Speaking to a huge crowd of, so called enlightened ones, who were open and seeking REAL TRUTH. Who's the UNIVERSE, JESUS! ...Keep Reading